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Zhejiang Zhongfu construction group Co., LTD. is a national excellent enterprise, one of the first batch of key enterprises in Zhejiang. Established in April 1965, in July 2006 to acquire building construction general contracting qualification. At the same time, it has a grade A qualification of specialized contracting in construction and decoration project, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, and steel structure; a grade B qualification of Municipal utilities engineering contracting, foundation and fundamental project specialized contracting, garden ancient building project specialized contracting. The corporation has all kinds of professional technical staff of 3583 people, including engineering technical personnel 3102 (senior 23, intermediate 358), 148 professionals in finance and economics (3 senior, intermediate 36). There are 69 registered architects. Enterprise registered capital of 308 million yuan, total assets of 1.74501 billion yuan, 1.21487 billion yuan net. With all kinds of construction machinery and equipment and quality testing equipment and other 3801 units (sets), total power of 53,806 kilowatts. In the past three years, the average settlement construction revenue of about 4.5 billion yuan, the construction area of 3.5 million square meters, about 40 construction projects; business located in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi-based, by 2010 the construction industry output value 4.56715 billion yuan.
After half a century of wind and rain baptism, the enterprises with scientific decision-making, management, and full of vitality and efficient mechanism, adheres to the "elaborate organization, careful construction, quality first, customer first" business purpose, at home and abroad, built blocks of high-quality goods, image project. Over the years, the company hit 1"Luban" Quality Engineering, 65 Shanghai "Magnolia Cup" Quality Engineering, 5 Zhejiang Province, "Qianjiang Cup", Jiangxi Province, "Azalea Cup" and other high-quality project. In addition, 2008-2010 won 3 the most civilized site awards, 3 National Customer Satisfaction Awards, the provincial (municipal) level of civilization and other standard chemicals to more than 80. Continuous years of engineering one-time acceptance rate of 100% compliance rate Shanghai security system more than 95%.
The company implements technological innovation to pursuit excellence. In 1997 it passed ISO9002 quality system certification and in 2011 passed the quality, environment, occupational health and safety, construction quality management system certification integration. The company has its own R & D center,which in 2009, was successfully identified by the Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang Province, smoothly through a review in 2010. In the past three years the company has received 3 national construction methods, 15 provincial engineering methods; obtained 7 national practical patents, 1 invention patent, 3 standards of the editor or participated in the industry, of which 2 are issued by the State Committee for Standardization . The company also applies network technology, system integration technology, information security technology and other modern technological means to finance, business and other business management and bidding, contract, schedule, cost, equipment, materials, quality and safety, risk and other construction management, which improves its comprehensive management capability and labor efficiency to achieve good economic results.
As the first to win the right of access to foreign economic and the first to get a B-level qualification of national foreign aid construction, our company actively develops overseas business. In October 1998, Singapore Zhongfu (star) development Co., LTD was established. In November 2007, Mongolia Zhongfu Investment and Development Co., Ltd was established, also in Iran, the Philippines and other countries to undertake business. For six consecutive years since 2005, the company won Shangyu, Shaoxing advanced foreign economic enterprises, the foreign economic top ten enterprise in Zhejiang Province.
Excellent quality and good service won the company numerous public praise and honor. For decades, the enterprise has been awarded as Zhejiang Jinhu construction advanced unit, Jinhu excellent enterprise of Shanghai construction, ranking the top 30 overall strength of construction companies; for three consecutive years as Zhejiang Jingan construction advanced unit. It is an advanced construction enterprise in Zhejiang Province, the national top 500 private enterprise, the Chinese unit of Total Quality Management Award Kanaya, China Construction Bank "super credit enterprise", China Construction Management Association of social prestige evaluation of AAA level enterprise.
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